Teva GAIN:  Teva's Grassroots Action Information Network (GAIN) is intended to provide Teva employees with opportunities to communicate with their state and federal legislators to discuss public policy issues of interest to Teva.

If you choose to participate in the GAIN program, you will be briefed on the political process and the current legislative landscape.  You will be educated on the issues and how best to discuss them with your legislators.   You will receive e-newsletters with the latest updates on state and federal legislation; have the opportunity to participate in webinars to learn more about the public policy process; and have the opportunity to meet directly with your legislators to shape political discourse.

The most effective way to impact the policy making process is for constituents to become more involved and communicate directly with their legislators.  Participation in Teva GAIN gives you the information, tools and opportunity to have a strong and influential voice on behalf of Teva.  If you want to learn more and become involved, click here​.​

To access a recording of the Teva GAIN webinar from the week of July 12, 2015, please click here